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  • Should I replace my whole driveway or just the area that’s broken? 

This is dependent on quite a few things. This answer is different for every customer. But there are some pretty standard things we look for to establish this answer. If your driveway has potholes, structural cracking or tree root damage, if you need multiple areas that need repaired, it’s probably time to replace your driveway. 

 Another indication is if you have drainage issues. If your driveway or yard surrounding it doesn’t drain properly and causes the water to flow towards your home's foundation, it should be addressed before it causes damage to your home. Lastly, if your driveway is 20 years or older and showing signs of wear, we recommend a full replacement. 

  •  How many days will it take to complete my project? 

Project completion time varies, as its dependent on the size of your project. A typical job is completed in 1-3 days. Larger projects can take longer, but the estimated completion time is included with your quote. This is of course weather permitting, 


  • When can I use (walk, drive, etc.) my new driveway/ patio/ sidewalk, etc? 

You can usually walk on your new concrete the next day and you’ll be able to drive  on it in 5 days. 

  • What about my cable, internet, water, or other utilities?  

Unique Concrete is a Safe Digging Partner with Georgia 811, we always take the proper precautions when working in those areas. We leave the locating to the professionals, GA811. As soon as we get the ok to do your project, we call for utility locates on your property. Your utility companies will come out and indicate with spray paint where all the lines run. We’ll take extra precautions in those spots. We do request that homeowners mark any additional irrigation lines or low voltage lighting, etc., that are outside of the utility companies' responsibility. 


  •  I am ready to start my project but I heard you shouldn’t pour concrete when it’s cold out. When is the best time to pour concrete? 

UCC pours concrete all 12 months of the year. Our founder Tim started pouring concrete in Iowa in the early 1980’s, he is fully educated on what weather conditions are proper to pour in. UCC closely monitors weather forecast daily, starting around 5:00am. We make sure weather is not a issue, before our crews leave the shop. We pay close attention to rain forecast and extreme temperatures, ensuring your job is never being put in jeopardy due to weather. 


  •  I’m selling my home soon, is it worth it to replace my driveway? 

Replacing old cracked and worn concrete can be beneficial if you plan on selling soon. Not only will you give your home more curb appeal, but you can increase your property value by thousands of dollars. 


  • Who can I call if I have questions or concerns? 

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Please call our office and ask for Tim if you have any questions. Should you have any questions during prep and pour, please see the Project Manager or Forman. Either our Senior Project Manager (Brian) or one of our experienced Foreman are on site for every project and available to answer any questions. 


  •  What do you mean my concrete has to cure? 

Curing plays an important role on strength development and durability of concrete. Curing serves a few purposes, the main being that it doesn’t dry too quickly and it retains enough moisture so that the concrete continues to gain strength. The curing process begins immediately after the concrete is poured and finished, The concrete becomes fully cured and is at its PSI strength at around 28 days after being poured.  


  • What are joints and why are they needed? 

Joints are concretes’ best friend. It might sound strange but concrete actually expands and contracts as it changes temperature. Having a control joint, allows the concrete to move as this happens. By placing joints in the proper place, it helps prevent random cracks and buckling. Essentially, joints are used to relieve pressure and prevent weak spots, and could be identified as a spot for “planned cracks”, as all concrete will crack eventually. 


  • What is FiberMesh reinforcement? 

FiberMesh is made up of fibrous materials and is distributed evenly into wet loaded concrete truck. The purpose of FiberMesh is to reduce water loss from the concrete, to enhance its structural integrity, and increase the strength of the concrete. It's different from wire mesh, as instead of providing a single layer or protection, it reinforces concrete throughout its entire structure, from subgrade to surface. 


  • How should I care for my new concrete? 

Your UCC new concrete is pretty remarkable and its easy to care for. We suggest pressure washing every few years, to give you that “new” look that everyone loves. Colored or stamped concrete can benefit from applying a sealer product, to minimize moisture penetration, and can reduce mildew on the surface. Aside from that there’s not much required as far as after care is concerned. 

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