- Be prepared and confident: The more knowledgeable you are about what you want done, the more confident you’ll be in asking the right questions and in choosing the right contractor for your project. 

- Do your research: Search for contractors using reputable sources like BBB, Angislist, and referrals from family and friends. Check to see if they are accredited with the BBB, see what their rating is, and choose a couple solid contractors to meet with. 

- Ask for references: If references aren’t provided, ask the contractor to provide some and then check them. 

- Ask for written quotes and a contract: 
Make sure your contractor puts everything in writing, this protects you and your contractor. This should include the total cost and the payment schedule. 

- Ask for pictures: Ask the contractor if you can see pictures of their previous work. Sometimes the contractor will have a online portfolio for you to view. 


- Make sure your contractor has a presence online:
 In this day in age, a contractor should have some sort of online presence. Make sure that you can find them online, at a minimum your contractor should have a Facebook. If you can’t find them online now, how will you find them when something goes wrong?  

- Look into their experience: Check how long the company has been in business, have they always operated under the same name? Ask questions about their experience, specifically questions about your type of project and their experience doing similar projects. 


- Decide what's more important, quality or cost: Going with the cheapest contractor can backfire. The old saying “You get what you pay for” is very accurate in the concrete world. You may end up paying double to fix a mess up, by going with a cheaper option. This is something we frequently here and unfortunately customers can get taken advantage of, we’ve had to fix many mess ups and sadly it happens often. Please do your research, make sure the contractor has experience, is licensed and insured, and is accredited and has a good rating with the BBB. Any professional contractor will have all these things in place, to ensure their customers feel protected and confident in their choice. 


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